Wedding Blues

It’s been over two weeks since our wedding. We got married on 19th September 2019 at The Blitz Factory in East London.

It was the most magical day, our wedding was totally out there, we opted out of a traditional wedding because quite frankly it isn’t us. We are a blended family. My husband as you know has two boys from a previous relationship. We also have lost a baby of our own.

Now with weddings come drama, no wedding runs smoothly. If it does it’s all fake. Little things do go wrong.

Our drama started over the guests. I have a rather large family. We both have a lot of friends so it became apparent we couldn’t invite everyone. So we stuck to close family who make the effort with us and our closest friends (or so we thought).

A few months after the save the dates/ invites were sent we run into an issue. One of the best men “accidentally” booked a lads holiday to Vegas, flying out the day of the wedding. I was really upset and angry over this, not for myself but for my husband to be. This was his best friend. Deep down I’m still disappointed by his actions. Rest assured we won’t let him forget this in a hurry.

Then came the family & friends who weren’t invited issues, few comments were made about people not being invited either over social media or snide remarks to other people. This upset me but I took a step back. Why should I be made to feel bad. These people clearly wanted a free meal and drink. I asked myself a number of times, when was the last time they picked up the phone to speak to me, some of these people didn’t congratulate us on our engagement so why the hell would we invite them to the wedding. Just because people share the same blood doesn’t mean they should become a priority. We highlighted this a number of times we could only have 60 guests in the day, with an additional 20 in the evening. This was something out of our control.

We didn’t pick a venue based on how many people it held, we picked a venue based on what we wanted, it was our wedding after all. We funded the wedding so what we say goes. The date was a Thursday, the date has a significance for us, plus anyone who knows us can easily work out why that date for themselves. We knew Thursday weddings are becoming more common due to the fact they are cheaper. Most places offer discounts for mid week weddings. We had anticipated that people would have to take time off and for those who did, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We were incredibly lucky as we had perfect weather. Not so perfect for me wearing a heavy tea length full satin dress. This was a custom made gown from White Rose.

The 1948 Dodge pickup truck didn’t break down, which was a constant headache in the week run up to the wedding. Not to mention the stress of having my parents in the same room.

I’d expected I’d be really uptight the morning of the wedding but I wasn’t. I guess I was relieved that the day was here. I said to myself I won’t cry, I’ll keep it together. Which was true well until I arrived at the venue and was greeted by my brother who gave me cuddle and wished me luck. He got choked up when he saw me, this started both me and my dad off.

Then it was time to walk down the aisle, we had an issue there wasn’t a jack to plug in new iPhones for the music so from outside we couldn’t hear it this was a slight hiccup, it didn’t matter everyone inside could hear. I walked into A Little respect by Erasure . I started to shake with nerves, my dad squeezed my hand, I looked up to see my Husband to be with a sparkle in his eye. I could feel myself overwhelmed, my eyes filled with tears of happiness. Somehow I think I kept it together.

The vows seem to be a blur, the only real distinct thing I remember was when we exchanged rings, my husband had put my ring on upside down, which I quietly told him it’s upside down and he chuckled turning it around.

Then just like that we became husband and wife. The happiest day of my life ever, I was beaming. My face ached from smiling.

We had the most incredible photographer who has already sent us highlight pictures of our day. I can’t stop looking at them, plus I can’t wait to see them all. Just so I can relive the day over and over again.

We had our favourite restaurant come to London to cater for our nearest and dearest for our special day. The food was a huge hit like we knew it would be.

We continued the non traditional theme with a fondant fancy three tier cake. This was a last minute thing as our original cake maker let us down. However the cake was so tasty so much so people kept going back for seconds.

The party continued long into the night with the help of our two incredible DJ’s, Adam and Anthony who have been friends for over 10 years!

The boys were super happy that I now share the same surname as them. (6) was super cuddly with me as always whilst (10) was far too busy dancing the night, away with his bestie. This is a new chapter for the four of us as a family. The boys constantly tell us they want a baby sister, it can only be a sister no more boys allowed apparently.

I have the major wedding blues, despite the fact we just got home from our honeymoon, which was a wedding gift. I don’t want this feeling to ever end. We were sent to Lanzarote somewhere neither of us has been. It was incredibly hot and very relaxing. It was needed after a year of stress.

We are planning to try for a baby very soon to grow our family, so watch this space but for now, check out some of the pictures of our day.

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