Hello 2019

2019 is here and what a big year, it’s going to be.

This year I made a vow to myself to just be me, no more biting my tongue to please people, I pride myself on the fact I am so open and honest. Why should I not be true to myself to please other people because they don’t like what I have to say. Pretty simple don’t piss me off, then I won’t have to have a say. Don’t like how I live my life, don’t read about it, don’t stalk my social media or talk to me. It really is that simple!

I will be starting my new career next week, while I’m excited I’m also really nervous because it’s such a career change again. I’m going to be responsible for thousands of people all across London. This is just a foot in the door to get to my dream job in Forensics (the thing I actually got a degree in). The only down side is both me and my partner have to work shift work and work weekends so will no doubt have even less time together than normal. We also have the boys more which means we also have the joys of arranging childcare from time to time. Luckily my mother in law is a star and always happy to help out. We’d be lost without her to be honest.

The next big thing for us this year is the fact me and my partner are actually having our first holiday together in almost three years. We have only had two nights away in three years just us two. The rest of our holidays and mini breaks have been with the boys. So we decided last year that we want more children and ideally would like to try for a baby soon. This means that this holiday will be our first and only holiday alone until all children are adults. We are only going for 7 days, so it’s not too long away from the kids. It will be nice not to have any distractions from home just having us time, before the real craziness begins.

The biggest thing for 2019 is that I’m going to get married to my best friend. I will officially become the boys step mum which they are so excited about. They can’t wait for me to have the same surname as them. The boys have shown such a keen interest in the wedding they have helped pick out what they would like to wear even if it did result in them arguing over ties and bow ties.

Me and my partner are so perfectly suited to each other. He knows that I will never betray him or disrespect him because I love him with everything I have. I can’t wait to become his wife. Our marriage is going to last if it’s the last thing we do, we will grow old together neither of us can be without each other. We still have so much to do for the wedding but I’m pretty impressed with the fact we have our venue and catering done. Next thing for me is to say yes to the dress. I have been and tried on loads of dresses and narrowed it down to three.

2019 is gonna our year. We aren’t going to take the shit and drama we took last year, this year we have far more important things to do than waste our oxygen on irrelevant people. It’s only a week into the new year and we’ve already had to make a stand against bullshit behaviour, but start as you mean to go on and all that.

So here’s to us and here’s to 2019.

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