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Everyone loves a clean home, me more than most. I am a clean freak I go through more bleach and multi surface wipes a week than I care to admit.

I’ve always been a little compulsive when it comes to personal hygiene, I bathe in Dettol, wash my hands around 50 times a day. So it’s only right that I show my home the same level of cleanliness.

Myself and (6) both suffer with eczema which can be triggered by dust. In addition to (6)’s dust allergy I have a compromised immune system so we have to rid the home of germs. This means again I have to be on top of the cleaning all the time.

To my delight I was contacted by Forest Hog a eco cleaning product company based in Gloucestershire. They sent me two products to test in exchange for a honest review.

I received their home spray and dirt buster gel.

These products are highly concentrated so a little really does go along way.

First up was the home spray, I used this to wipe down my kitchen sides to start with as I’d already cleaned my kitchen but do like to give the sides a wipe down before and after every meal. I was pleasantly surprised with the cleaning power for something made from natural products. The orange scent was also very pleasing.

Next up I put the dirt buster to the test on the hob and used a pea size amount and my job was gleaming. I rubbed the dirt buster in and left for 10 mins while I had a coffee. Then washed it away to find my hob gleaming.

This gave me an idea, the kids shoe soles were so dirty and I thought this would be a true test of the dirt buster. Here are my results….

I always thought the more chemicals the cleaner things would be, however, after receiving the Forest Hog products I have been converted to using a safer, more substantial product which doesn’t impact the earth.

For more information on Forest Hog please check out their website here.

I will in future be purchasing Forest Hog, these products will last a long time, as they are highly concentrated a little really does go along way unlike a bottle of bleach which I could go through in a day. They are safer to have around the children and they are now able to spray and wipe down their own table as there is not one single harmful ingredient in the home spray.

I was kindly gifted these products in return for a honest review and all thoughts are my own.

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