HD Brow – Martina Christine Beauty Studios

Monday 12th November I headed to Martina Christine Beauty Studios in Footscray. A lovely little salon owned and run by the beautiful Martina.

I have known Martina since school (I’m aware that’s a long time now).

I’m not a stranger to a beauty procedure or two, I quite often have acrylic nails, lash lifts or extensions. As well as the odd bit of Botox or filler here or there.

The Salon was looking for models for HD Brows. I was more than happy to help, I had an incident with my previous brow lady which resulted in wonky brows and no tail of my right eyebrow. I had to grow them out completely, to try and have anything to work with. I’d been drawing brows in for months but my brows still weren’t completely grown back.

I could only apologise for the actual state of my brows but I knew I was in safe hands. Martina is an incredible trainer and Jess was amazing I couldn’t fault either ladies.

HD brows are shaped and framed to fit your face then waxed, threaded and plucked to get desired result. Then tinted and filled. Process only takes 25 mins if that.

I was so happy with the end result they were just perfect. I finally had my brows back. The sharpness was just what I wanted. I felt like me again and felt like my brows matched my make up.

I booked in to have then re done already and would recommend Martina Christine 100%. I live out in Kent and it is worth the travel for me.

My partner keeps commenting on how great my brows look and we know guys never notice things like that. At least I know I have a great brow lady who will ensure my brows look amazing on my wedding day.

You can checkout Martina Christine Beauty Studios here.

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