Working Mum’s Club -v- Hopeless Romantic

I used to run a successful online diary The Day in The Life of a Hopeless Romantic, I gave that up to focus on my new family life. I wanted people to see how it was to be a full time working step parent. Eventually to use it to follow my own personal journey into motherhood.

After my miscarriage in January I lost a lot of motivation to blog, life seemed unfair, here I am raising my partners children, when all I want is to be parent. It’s so difficult being a parent without being able to hold your babies.

I began to miss my day in the life journey of my relationship, what was successful about my old blog was the fact it was raw and emotional, I documented the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. I put my heart and soul into my writing. I used it as a tool to get what I was thinking out there to clear my mind. I wasn’t bothered by views.

I miss that, which is why I’m going to incorporate the two because, I am this hopeless romantic who works full time as well as helping raise my partners two little boys, juggling the work/home lifestyle.

I want to document my journey in planning a wedding in less than a year, to trying to conceive, family milestones, etc.

At this moment in time we are planning a wedding. My partner proposed a month ago at the top of the ADAM Lookout in Amsterdam. It was a real magical moment. I kinda knew an engagement was on the cards but didn’t think it would happen when it did (otherwise I would have made more effort with my outfit).

He surprised me with a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring, it is truly stunning, plus it matches the Rolex.

We had already decided a date to get married which was jokingly said in passing a few months ago, we knew the place we wanted to get married so it was just a case of checking availability and booking. So it’s exactly what we did. We now have less than a year until we say I Do.

We had to wait two weeks to tell the boys and their reaction was the cutest. (5) cheered and was excited that we will all have the same surname, he just wants me to go back blonde so we can look alike again. I don’t think he quite understands that he doesn’t look like me because we aren’t biologically related, but it’s cute and I’m not going to correct him because he has his own mind and opinions. (9) was equally as excited he came and gave me a massive cuddle and said he couldn’t wait. They both asked loads of questions.

Our wedding is going to be completely non traditional, I’m excited because it really is quite different to every other wedding, it is unique and true to us.

For now there isn’t much more to say. This was just a little update to the changes in my life and the change of direction to my blog.


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