The Summer of ’18

Well, well well… What a summer we have had!

Not only did the UK have good weather over the summer months, we also had a blast over the summer.

We did so much stuff with the boys it has been impossible to keep up with the blog with all the days out.

We couldn’t afford a holiday with the boys this summer but in all honesty we spent way over what we would have if we just booked a last minute all inclusive holiday to Spain. The boys were in control of where we went they had given us a list of places, Of cousr what the boys what the boys get.

Some of the things we got up to:

  • Alton Towers – Went on the hottest day of the year, we realised that its become very dated and there isn’t much there for (5). 
  • Warwick Castle – Great Castle would recommend to young and old War of the Roses Live was a hit for all of us. 
  • Dover Castle – Kids absolutely adored Dover Castle exploring the war tunnels. 
  • Warmer Castle – Favourite for the adults, great grounds for children to run around.
  • Monkey World – As seen on TV. If your kids love monkey’s then this is the place to go we could have spent longer here. 
  • Stonehenge – This was for the adults, however (5) loved this was his favourite day out and keeps asking to return. Thankfully we have a family English Heritage membership. Does get very busy so book a early slot. 
  • Wingham Wildlife Park- By far was a favourite for all of us. Went with low expectations and was surprised. We are thinking of getting a annual membership next year because we loved it that much.  
  • Two cinema trips – (9) and (5) had asked to go and see Hotel Transylvania 3 and Teen Titans Go.
  • Bowling – Went with the expectation of tears both (9) & (5)  are sore losers and get very emotional when they lose however (5) bowled by himself without the ramp and almost beat everyone. Both boys said it was high on their lists of favourite days out. 
  • Wembley Stadium Tour – I missed out on this due to work commitments
  • London Eye – Again, another day work got in the way of having fun with the babies.
  • Tilbury Fort – A quick pit stop after teaching kiddies to cycle (Daddy did this, I was too busy working as per).
  • Southend Adventure Island – This was a day out planned with our closest friends and their kids we had an absolute blast. A great day out with great people.
  • Meals out
  • Shopping trips

I was sad to see the boys return to school but grateful for all the memories we created this summer. I felt like I bonded with the boys more over the summer. One of the days I had to work (5) was feeling poorly and he asked if I could stay at home to look after him. That broke my heart hearing him asking for me. (9) also told us that his dad isn’t allowed to kiss him goodbye in the playground anymore but I am. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be blood to be family.

I had the perfect end to the perfect summer with my boys. I’m looking forward to getting married and really making memories as a family. We have just broke the new to the boys who couldn’t be happier for their Dad and me to get married. They are super excited about us all having the same name. (p.s – We got engaged at the end of summer).



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