Biky Biky – Bicycle’s Best Friend

Myself and (5) were invited to join a campaign for the Biky Biky Bicycle Vest, a safety harness for children  learning to cycle.  We had not heard of Biky Biky before we took part in this campaign. We had said that we wanted to get both boys more confident on their bikes over the summer. (5) was more reluctant as he struggled to grasp the concept of the pedals.

The day before he received his vest his dad had taken him to practice on his bike with the stabilisers.  It was back breaking work for my partner as well as stressful for (5). The next morning we headed to the post office to collect our parcel. The excitement in (5)’s face when he opened the package to find he had in fact got the green Biky Biky vest he so badly wanted as it matched his bike. All morning he kept teasing his brother about the fact he had a vest and (9) didn’t.  He also kept asking if he could try it on and go out.

When we finally took him out on his bike (5) was a little worried, he noticed the stabilisers were gone. He also said “will I look silly”, (9) replied to his brother “No of course you won’t, I wish I had a cool vest like you when I was little”. This prompted more teasing from (5). The vest fits perfect, (5) is very slight so the vest is secured by a Velcro wrap around and a clip in buckle which can be tightened for your child.

We went up to the flat piece of green by our apartment, (9) cycled off fine and ahead of (5) this gave (5) something to aim for, my partner held on to (5) with the integrated back strap (this is genius save lots of aching backs).  This allowed (5) to cycle without wobbling about.  He loved it, he even said a  number of times that it was the fastest he had ever been. He was so confident in himself that he wanted to race me to the end of the path. So off he cycled and I followed. He kept shouting out he was gonna win and he sure did.

Both me and my partner were amazed at the difference in his cycling by just using the Biky Biky Vest. It was lovely to watch (5) and see his confidence grow more and more with every pedal. He was proud of himself for going the fastest he has ever been.

I would recommend this product for all parents with young children who are learning to cycle. The Biky Biky vest is such a genius invention, I just wish we had heard about it sooner. The vest retails from £22.95 and comes in four different colours.  The vests are designed for children between the ages of 2 – 7 years and are safety tested to withstand 50kg.

(5) says… “Biky Biky is very very good because it didn’t make me fall off and it was very fun to wear”. Well you can’t argue with that.

You can purchase and learn all about  Biky Biky here. 


We were given a Biky Biky vest in exchange of a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.  



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