Heavenly Scents London….The Key to a Sweet Smelling Home

I thought I would share with you all the secret to why our home always smells so nice. Quite often a burst of freshness hits you when you open the front door. This is all thanks to two amazing ladies, Karen & Vikki.

Karen and Vikki run an online business Heavenly Scents London, a company that sells homemade wax melts. They are a mother-daughter team.  I have been purchasing wax melts from day one in fact I still have some from the original batches. Heavenly Scents  was created in 2016 and over the years they have grown and become in my opinion one of the best wax melt retailers on the market.

They cater for all tastes and have a huge library of scents. Each month there is a new release, this takes place the first Sunday of the month at 12pm.  The next one being,  1st July. Every month is different with over 20 scents being made available but don’t forget to be quick before they sell out.

They also offer mystery bags £20 or £10. Well worth the money each pot cost £1.60 and they also sell a range of burners. They also offer limited edition scents, mini melts, tubbies (larger wax tubes all custom made to your preference), snap boxes. The ladies at Heavenly Scents London also can make wax melts for special occasions such as wedding favours and baby showers.

The most recent product I was gifted to try was carpet freshener. This smelt amazing and I just had enough to cover my hallway. It hovered up well and didn’t leave any white marks on my carpet. I can’t wait for this to be made available on their site.

It’s not just me that loves them (9) & (5) also love receiving new wax melts for our home and quite often they lay them out on the floor making piles of their favourites.

Here is Our Top 10 Scents

  • Dettol – That familiar cleaning smell.
  • So Cal – Smells identical to the Hollister store
  • Wild Black Cherries – Real strong and sweet smell lingers for hours.
  • Unstoppable Wash Days – Smells like washing
  • Sun washed Linen – Real fresh summer washing smell.
  • Conte De Fee – Subtle smell
  • Creed – Popular male aftershave very masculine
  • Happy – Clinique dupe
  • Soap & Glory – That recognisable Soap & Glory Scent
  • Blackberry Jam – Reminds me of a freshly baked pie real homely smell.

Our home always smells so good it really is amazing how something so small can smell so strong. Each pot can be divided into thirds or quarters depending on the size of the burner.  This I feel a great value for money, I easily have in excess of 100. I started so share some with colleagues at work and now they also have the same obsession.

If you would like to join the craze and have a sweet smelling home then check out the website here . 



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