I’m In The Band…School of Rock: The Musical

For my 28th birthday I was gifted tickets to see School of Rock The Musical from my parter.

I’m a huge fan of the film and when I saw there was a stage version I said in passing that i’d love to see it. The only down side was I had to wait for 5 weeks to see it.

The 5th May soon arrived and off to Dury Lane we went.

We had pretty good seats four rows from the front.

The cast were incredible and the children are all so talented. In particular Jasper Bew who plays Freddie. Fantastic little guy who will go far in the industry. His drumming skills, spot on.

Also Freya Yates who plays Summer is exceptional, she plays the role almost identical to Miranda Cosgrove in the movie. Her facial expressions were on point a real little diva.

Dewey Finn was played by Alex Tomkins, I didn’t think that any could carry off this role as well as Jack Black but Alex was amazing.

The songs are annoying catchy a few weeks on and i’m still singing them to myself. I even found myself looking up the soundtrack on Apple music.

I enjoyed the show that much that I just had to enter the Ticket Lottery. Much to my surprise I won. I managed to bag myself two premium seats for just £30.

Unfortunately it was our weekend to have the boys so I made the decision that I would take my mum.

When we arrived we were given seats in Row B and even more of a bonus there was no one else sat in front of us.  This gave us the perfect view as we were in middle seats too. Also it gave me the opportunity to take some amazing images.

Stephen Leask was playing the role of Dewey Finn this time and he was insanely good. Like I would even go as far as saying he played the role better than Jack Black himself.

That being said the whole cast are incredibly talented. Their parents must be so proud. I  could easily watch this show over and over again. I would love to take (9) and (5), both boys have watched clips on YouTube and we have taught them the songs. They were both singing along in the bathroom while they clean their teeth.

I would recommend that everyone goes to see the show, if you love the movie you will not be disappointed. Andrew Lloyd Webber got this spot on. I’m still amazed by how good of a show it is. Perfect for a family trip to the theatre.

If you would like to enter the ticket lottery click here.

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