Mini Break: Chester Zoo

If like me you are obsessed with animals and animal programs then you will know all about Channel 4’s The Secret Life of The Zoo. This is one of my favourite shows. You can only imagine my excitement that we were going to Chester Zoo.

Stuidly we overslept waking up at 8am, we had planned to be at breakfast at 8. I jumped out of bed and woke everyone else up.

We all quickly got washed and dressed and ready to go for breakfast. The breakfast at Premeir Inn was miles better than the breakfast we had at Alton Towers the previous morning.

We packed the last of our stuff and hit the road again. The weather was miserable it was chucking it down, not ideal for a day you were spending outside. This caused for us all to give up our rain jackets and put our big coats on. After 40 mins we were there. The rain had obviously deterred people from coming to the Zoo. It was nowhere near as busy as I imagined.

We first visited the elephants, now what really impressed me was the size of the enclosures, the elephant enclosure was a lot bigger than it appears on the TV. I loved watching the baby elephants run around, following the others.

It took as a while to get the boys to look at other animals. At this point (5) was more interested in walking through muddy puddles despite being told for the millionth time not to. We then headed to butterfly house, we spent a long time in here due to me and my partner trying to capture the perfect picture. The boys both loved wandering around trying to spot all the different species and colours.

We then stopped for a cake and coffee to dry off a little and warm up. My partner opted for a scone with clotted cream and jam. I struggled to make a choice, I eventually decided on the cherry bakewell cake. The cake was amazing so much so I’ve be craving it ever since.

The only down side to the zoo is the number of free flying bird enclosures. As some of you may be aware I am utterly petrified of birds. There is one enclosure you go into and the first part there are hardly any birds but the second part they  fly and swoop above your head. Never in my life had my heart raced so much, I had to push past load of people just to get out before I had a full blown heart attack. There was no alternative route and would of meant I missed out on a huge chuck of the area and not been with everyone else.

I decided that I wasn’t brave enough to walk through the bat enclosure with them free flying.  I didn’t realise at the time that it was a free flying enclosure until I stepped in. I pretty soon backed out and waited outside where I was shortly joined by (9). We waited a little while longer then I saw (5) running up to me with his Dad close behind. (5) had tears in his eyes because he told me he was scared but he was brave. This meant that he got carried for a short while for cuddles.

One things about Chester Zoo that we loved and feel will be better for a summer visit it’s the lazy river ride. We didn’t see many animals just a slight glimpse of a tiger which was spotted by myself (quite proud of this as I’m blind as a bat).

The most entertaining moment was watching the baby orangutan showing off for the crowds, swinging upside down with one foot and bashing itself into the rocks. This made the boys giggle for ages ( i’ll crop the video so you can see on my Instagram page). Which was the cutest thing ever.

We did get to see the Lions, Tigers (a quick glimpse) and Bears. The Lion enclosure was pretty busy as the male lion was kept inside, The  Lionesses were making quite a bit of noise calling out for the male who was inside. This lead to (9) & (5) asking why. We had to explain that they wanted their boyfriend to come out to play and he had to stay inside and that’s why they were sad. (Not ready to go into the where do babies come from talk with 5).  The boys loved watching the bears, giving a running commentary as if they were mini David Attenborough’s

We missed a few of the enclosures due to running out of time the zoo closed at 5:30, we would love to come back to Chester again because it is a beautiful zoo and the animals are well looked after.

That was the end of our mini break, it was a long and exhausting three days and we still had a 4/5 hour drive home. As we were all tired we made a couple of stops before finally falling into bed just before midnight. Lucky for the boys they both got to sleep for 3 hours or so in the car.

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