Mini Break: Alton Towers

So, my day started a lot earlier than I originally planned. I couldn’t sleep at tossing and turning all night, my other half was the same.

I decided at 3:50am that I might as well get up and good job I did, disaster had struck. I was making a well needed coffee and could hear dripping. I just assumed that it was the rain. But the dripping was too intense for it to be the rain, so I investigated. Wasn’t long after I noticed that it was the boiler pissing water.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the wakeup call my partner had in mind. He soon realised that the pressure was too high and was leaking to stop anything from serious happening.

We both thought ‘shit we’re gonna have to cancel this trip’. There my partner was at 4am bleeding all the rads.

We couldn’t let the boys down so after a lot of faffing around we switched the boiler off and dropped keys off to have someone look over it. This meant we left almost half hour later than intended.

We stopped off half way for some breakfast and for a toilet break.

We arrived at Alton Towers just after 10am. We were surprised at how busy it was already for the monorail there was a queue that would have taken 50 minutes at least so we decided to walk, much to (5)’s disappointment.

It was a lot colder than we thought so much so I had to put my jeans on over my leggings and good job I did (more about that in a minute).

We first headed to CBeebies Land this didn’t go down too well with (9) as he was keen to go on The Wicker Man, but the wait was already at 120 minutes.

We went into Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory. This is a room full of red foam balls and air cannons. It’s as much fun for adults as it is for the children. Both of the boys were running around collecting balls and firing the cannons at people. I made the epic mistake of going with (5) to collect balls, I was a walking target for my partner in my attempted to hide and not get hit, I split my jeans slightly. This would only ever happen to me. I have never been more thankful for gym leggings in my life.  My partner and the boys found this hilarious.

It wasn’t long before we heard that well known phase ‘I’m hungry’ We told the boys that first we had to look at the Sea life centre before we stopped for lunch. Both boys were interested in looking at all the fish and pointing out their favourites. We were surprised of how clean the tanks were and how healthy the fish looked.

We then stopped for lunch in hindsight what we had was not really ideal, the boys had a hot-dog and some chips, and we had a kebab wrap which wasn’t that nice. I really didn’t enjoy it, but I ate it as I was so hungry.  Then it was time for us to split as (9) was desperate to go on to The Wicker Man with his dad. Due to my current recovery I am unable to do the larger rides.  This meant me and (5) could go off and do our own thing, we headed for The Runaway Mine train, the wait was 40 minutes which meant we had time to chat, giggle and eat party rings without having to share them with the other two.

(5) loved this ride and spent the whole ride with his arms in the air laughing away, telling me that we were flying. He insisted that I buy the picture to remember this day. I text my partner and he still had 30+ mins in the queue so I asked (5) what he wanted to do. He asked if we could go on the rapids without the other two.  I agreed and off we went, even better the queue was only 10 minutes long (not many people want to go on water rides when it’s cold).  While we were waiting (5) asked if next time could we bring Harris, Harris is a nickname they have given my cousin.

We then met with (9) and his dad and went back on the rapids, followed by the Skyline and Blade.

This was (5)’s first time on Blade and we were unsure how he would react to it so he was sat in between me and his dad. We told him to hold on, like most children he ignored this and had his arms in the air. He loved it, when we got off he wanted to run around and go on again. My partner isn’t a fan of this kind of ride and sat this one out so off I went with the two boys. (9) didn’t feel too great after this and just wanted to go to the restaurant.

As part of (9)’s Birthday treat we had booked the Roller-coaster Restaurant. So, we were seated early.  Both the boys love eating here because they get to order off a tablet and watch their food arrive down tracks to the table.

Once we finished we headed back to our hotel room to warm up and have a rest before heading down to the evening entertainment. You can read my review of Splash Landings here ….

We spent the evening between two hotels for the entertainment before heading to bed ready for the next leg of our adventure.

Both the boys love Alton Towers and are looking forward to when we can visit again. We may go back in the Summer Holidays as we have Merlin passes and hope to stay more than one night.

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