Mini Break: The Plan.

Recently there were a couple of birthdays I turned 28 and (8) became (9). It was decided shortly after Christmas that we would do a UK mini break with (9) & (5) in the second week of the Easter holidays.

We asked (9) if he wanted us to pay half towards his party or if he wanted to do something of his choice. He decided he would rather us take him to Alton Towers and stay over, as his mum was booking him a pool party.

I had also got my partner a Liverpool Football Club stadium tour as part of his Christmas present.

It was then decided that we would combine the two and then throw in a third day for good measure. Seeing as we were that way, we contemplated doing Warwick Castle on out way back.

However, as I adore The Secret Life of the Zoo, this was thrown into the ring as a contender for our third day. We spoke to the boys and it was pretty clear that a zoo would tump a castle.

So we both booked leave from work in January not knowing that I was going to become so sick.  I’m now not allowed to do the bigger rides that I was hoping to do with (9) at Alton Towers but it does mean I get to spend quality time with (5) on the smaller rides.

Now we’ve tried to be as organised as possible and planning the trip as best we can right down to the outfits for each of the children for each day. We also have made sure that we have all we need for long car journeys.  Seeing as we leave at 5:45am on Wednesday we can’t really leave packing down to the last minute, not with me working the first part of the week.

So Wednesday my day will start at 4:30am I’ll be fuelled by caffeine to deal with two grumpy and sleepy boys who at the best of times do not like being woken up, not to mention their dad who has already said he will not be getting up until 5:30.

We have already planned to stop half way up to get the boys dressed and have breakfast. We decided that it was easiest and best to just put the boys in the car in comfy pjs and a dressing gown with pillows and blankets to try and get a bit more sleep as it will be a long few  days. There will be a lot of walking and I know that (5) will struggle, no doubt he will get me to carry him. I know at 5 he is big enough to walk, but he gets tired easily and like most tired children gets very ratty. Plus he loves me carrying him he asked if I would still carry him when he’s 10 and that I’m the only person who carries him now…. I think that’s why I’m his best friend.

We have also agreed to let the boys play on their Nintendo Switch while we travel only due to the fact we will be stuck in a car for four hours and it’s boring enough for an adult let alone a child. This goes against everything we believe in, we have technology limits in our house as we are of the view children should be children and should not be glued to a screen. Call me judgey but I detest children sat at a table in a restaurant glued to an iPad or gaming device. I guess my childcare background and knowledge of child development plays a huge part. So you can imagine how much I was screaming on the inside when we decided to take a gaming device with us.

I am looking forward to getting away with my little family after not seeing the boys for a week it’s well needed. No distractions just  Me, My Partner and (9) & (5) creating ever lasting memories.

I will review and write about each of our days on separate blogs.

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