Chessington Zoo & Sealife

Sunday morning, we woke early excited for the day ahead, our first trip of the year to Chessington World of Adventures. We are regulars to Chessington, we frequently visit due to being Merlin Pass Holders.

After a hearty breakfast we all got ready and much to (5)’s delight me and him were in matching jeans and trainers. The sun was shining perfect weather to see some Lions, Tigers and Bears (well minus the bears, you won’t find any at Chessington).

We were fully aware that it was just the Zoo and Sealife Centre open.

On our usual trips to Chessington the boys show little interest in the animals and tend to run through without really looking at the animals. They are always too eager to get on the rides.

We arrived and much to our surprise the car park was a lot busier than we anticipated I guess everyone had the same idea. This didn’t put us off, we had two excited children who couldn’t wait to get inside and see the Otters.

Our first stop was the Sealife Centre, the boys seemed to be gripped by all the different fish. Of course, I jinxed it by mentioning to their Dad that they hadn’t rushed through. The next thing I knew we were being ushered through to the next section. We got to the area where the children can interact with the Starfish. Neither boys were interested and refused to touch the starfish instead they ran off to the Ray tank.

(5) called out “Laura, Laura look at this Stingray, look he looks like a Cheetah …. he’s just chillaxing”.  Chillaxing where does this kid get it from.

Obviously, they rushed to get to the gift shop, both were drawn to the pens that have names on. (8) has an uncommon name (well for the UK, it’s big in the states) and (5) has an uncommon spelling of a very common name so they hardly ever find something with their names on. So much to our and their surprise they had pens with their names this I think this was the highlight of their day.  (Yes, we did buy them just in case you were wondering).

Then we heard the words we were dreading and that they’d be warned about “When’s lunch”. It was only 10:30. They were told before we left to eat all their breakfast as there would be no snacks before lunch. We have learnt that if we give them snacks they don’t eat their lunch then just eat snacks all day and not a proper meal. This is something I learnt while working in childcare that snacks need to be regulated and at set times.

We ignored the requests for food and carried on with our day, we headed for The Gruffalo ride. Wait time said 15 minutes, in reality this was only 5 at most. (5) put his hood up and cried because he didn’t want to get wet. Now those that know the ride, you know that you don’t get wet in the slightest. Amazing what the bribery of 10p can do. We told him he’s not a baby and if he wants to go on a water ride wearing a hood defeats the purpose. Luckily, we got to go around twice, and the picture was amazing we all managed to pose on time. (5) had even forgot about the hood incident.

We then headed to the Scorpion Express, we were pleased to find that this ride was open as it is a firm favourite.  We then decided that it was now time for lunch much to (8) and (5)’s delight. We had a breakthrough with both of the Boys they tried pulled pork, now if we suggested this to them a year ago we would have had two sulky kids to deal with. However, this time it was met with enthusiasm. Clearly our hard work is paying off, if it wasn’t for us they would still live off  of a beige diet.

Then it was time to really see the animals, both (8) and (5) spent a long time admiring the animals in particular the Lions and Tigers. They both loved watching the Gorilla pick its nose and eat it both found this extremely amusing like any little boy would.

The only downside was the fact it was a little chilly and some of the animals didn’t want to come out. We watched the new show “How to be a zookeeper live”.  This wasn’t met with much enthusiasm from myself as I could see that there would be some kind of bird in the show. I’m absolutely petrified of birds, this set off all kinds of emotions and anxiety within me. All I wanted to do was sit with my coffee in peace, instead all I was thinking about was where I could run and hide should a bird come anywhere near me.  I think I said, “I will karate chop a kid if I have to”.

After the show had finished it was time to go home for a warm bath and dinner before having to say goodbye to our little men.

Overall, we all had a fantastic day, the Boys both expressed how much they love coming out with us and how excited they are to go to on our next adventure.

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