Make Up Challenge – Kids -V- Make Up

So I see this about alot, the kids make up challenge. So this weekend is our weekend with the children. It was now or never that I’d set them the kids make up challenge.

I fully expected them to decline but no (8) was the first off the mark to say yes shortly followed by (5) declining because in his words “make up is for girls”.

I got out a selection of foundations, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and lipsticks. I also armed them with the tools they would require to prepare my face.

Now I’m quite particular about my make up so you can only imagine the thoughts and sheer panic that was going through me.

Both boys have watched me do my make up on many occasions, it was only this morning we were having a party in the bathroom while I put my face on and was dancing and singing to Rak-Su.

So I now find myself in the hot seat with (8) putting my base on with the beauty blender. Then I hear the words “there’s too much to choose from so I think I’m gonna pick black”. My first thought was Beetlejuice. He then applied my mascara and even tried to clear up his mistakes with the makeup wipes. Something he has clearly seen me do many times.

Now (5) feels left out and decided that he wants to join in. So he picked the lipstick, as you can just imagine he picked the boldest, brightest red I had. Happy with his choice he applied my lips the way in which he does his lip balm.

Next up was highlight, my unicorn one.  I told him to highlight my cheeks and my nose. So checks he got fine but it was under my nose the highlight went. They both applied my blusher taking one side each before declaring that they were finished.

Two little smug faces looked up at me proud of their achievement. I was ushered to the bathroom to admire their handywork.

It wasn’t beetle juice that looked back at me it was The Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger. Here’s the end result.

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