Roses are Pink

Yesterday was that dreaded day that all guys fear…Valentines Day!

Now I myself detest Valentines Day, why do you need one day a year to tell someone you love them. Surely this is something that should be said everyday. Now don’t get me wrong its nice to receive flowers but if i’m honest I’d prefer them as a surprise when i’m feeling down or just because at another time of the year. Valentine’s Day is a holiday designed to make money. The cost of flowers doubles and by the next day they are sold off for 1/2 price.

I did receive a lovely pink bouquet from my partner along with a gift bag of a pick and mix of all my favourite sweets and a DVD. He got me pink ones for the simple fact he knows I do not like Valentines Day. Last year I only agreed to go on a date with him because i’d only just returned from Florida and I completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day. I’m not a materialistic person, I don’t demand expensive designer gifts from my partner like I’ve seen hundreds of women doing over the last few days on social media. I’m embarrassed for them.

My partner had booked a table at a restaurant in London as it was a child free night, he had booked off half a day to spend with me as he was meant to be on a late shift. I politely asked him to cancel it so that we could just have a night in.

I did share a post about my partner but it was more an appreciation post for all he does for me and the boys. If you have me on any form of social media then you will know that this is something I do quite often. My partner hasn’t always had the best from his past relationships. He admits that he was never his true self until he met me. I like him to feel appreciated and loved something that he lacked before. I always say it’s the small things that mean the most.

We had a lovely evening, no fancy meals, no fancy gifts just two people who love each other enjoying each others company. However my token gift to him was a real winner and won me some girlfriend points. Thanks Amazon prime for the last minute delivery of a couples massage kit.

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